Castellano Euskera

History - Part 2

In our diverse repertoire we motetes and religious works with participating in the Sata Mass in the parish, in sacred concerts, weddings, etc.. Etc.. And profane music; habaneras, biribilketas, zortzikos, hymns, operas and zarzulas numbers, but mostly "seafaring song", which dedicated to the four main blocs sailor, the merchant navy, fishermen and arrtzales, Navy , the marine leisure and sports, and even pirates. With ten guns per band ... The famous verses of Espronceda, with music by F. Aguado.
In this new journey is the most remarkable, the incorporation of the Federation Orfeón Bizkaina Choir (LSA), participation in the concerts called Spring; participation in the week coral Bizkaia, which is held annually in the Basilica of Our Lady. Mrs. Begoña in Bilbao; concerts in La Rioja; participation in the sample habaneras Getxo, in the Maritime Museum in Bilbao on the day of the navigator - 2005; 1st. Encounter of musical schools of nautical catábrico, (6 choirs from the three autonomous communities) held in Portugalete, as well as mass and concert in the Asturian "Villa" mariner Llanes (Asturias).