Castellano Euskera

History - Part 1

The Orfeón "Jarrillero" Elai-1990 by Alfredo Reimundez Cobos, musician and composer portugalujo, last of the saga that was part of his brother Frederick, author of such works portugalujas as popularares "Chimberita , "" Under a sky sailor ". Etc..
Prior to founding "Jarrilleros" Alfredo Cobos had led for 35 years Otxote Danok-Bat, one of the winners of the country, advanced age and died in 2001.
The Orfeón Jarrillero compose of 35 voices of men, having participated in the first stage, in various places among them his involvement in theater Arriaga, marking the centennial of the suspension bridge, concerts with the band, concluding with the recording a CD titutado "Portugalete sings, a tribute portugalujo."
In 2002, takes over as head of Orfeón Fernando Aguado, a native of Sopuerta and neighbour of Portugalete, musician extensive experience in harmonization and choral direction.